What to do if you can't find your tracker

Has your pet come home without their Tractive GPS tracker? Learn how to quickly find it with our step-by-step guide to ensure your pet remains safe and secure.

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Note: If you can't locate your tracker within a Power Saving Zone, consult our step-by-step guide here.

Steps to follow

  • Open the Tractive GPS App: Select your lost tracker to see its last known location.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and GPS: Ensure your phone's Bluetooth and GPS are active for the most accurate location data.
  • Activate LIVE Tracking: If available, activate LIVE Tracking for real-time updates on the tracker's position.
  • Use Radar Mode: If the device already seems to be within close proximity, switch to Radar Mode to help find it.
  • Use Light or Sound: Turn on the tracker's light or sound features to assist in locating it more easily.
  • Check History and Heatmap: Utilize the Location History to trace the tracker's past movements. Additionally, the Heatmap feature highlights areas of frequent activity—green signifies lower activity levels, whereas yellow to red indicates zones where your pet lingered longer.
  • Expand your search area: If initial attempts don't yield results, gradually expand your search radius from the last known location, considering places your pet might visit.
  • Check obstructions: Look around and under objects where the tracker might have gotten caught or hidden, especially in areas your pet frequents.
  • Ask for help: Share your tracker’s location with friends, family, or neighbors who might assist in the search.
  • Stay safe and patient: Remember to prioritize safety during your search and remain patient—recovering a lost tracker can take time.




What should I do if my tracker is lost within a Power Saving Zone?

Please consult our step-by-step guide here.


What if I don’t end up finding my tracker again?

Don’t worry! There are several options for replacing your lost Tractive GPS device.

  • Replacement via Tractive Care

Tractive Care offers device replacement for loss, theft, or damage for a small fee on top of your subscription. Use the button below to claim your replacement tracker now:

Claim Tractive Care Now

  • Not Covered by Tractive Care?

Enable Tractive Care now (then claim your replacement unit using the link above) or purchase a new tracker at Tractive.com or through a retail partner. Once you receive the new device, you'll be able to easily transfer your existing subscription plan to the new tracker.


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