Help Topics

Setup & Activation

What are the first steps to activate a new tracker? Find out here.

Tractive GPS Basics

Get a complete overview of the most basic features and functions of the Tractive GPS tracker.

Default & LIVE Tracking

Understand and utilize the two tracking modes of the Tractive GPS tracker when you need it most.

Battery & Charging

Your battery and charging questions - answered.

In the Tractive GPS App

Get more information about the features of the Tractive GPS app, including Tracker Sharing, the Compass and Heatmap.

Connection & Coverage

For all questions related to Tractive coverage and establishing a local network connection.

GPS Location Data & Accuracy

Learn about GPS localisation, reporting times and the accuracy of the GPS tracker.

Virtual Fence & Notifications

Manage notifications and learn how to set up and edit the Virtual Fence feature.

Service Plans

Everything you need to know about the Premium and Basic Service Plans for the Tractive GPS tracker.

Payment & Billing

View invoices, change a payment method, and get an overview of payment options here.

Lost, Stolen & Damaged Trackers

Find out what to do in the case that your tracker is lost, stolen, or damaged and learn more about the Tractive Care program.


Do you know about the Tractive warranty? Learn more here.

Tractive Motion

Read all about the Tractive MOTION device and app here.

Tractive Dog Walk

Get insights into your favorite features of the Tractive Dog Walk app.

Product Information

Would you like more information about Tractive products and availability? Click here.

Shipping & Orders

Find the answers to all your shipping, orders and delivery questions.

Customer Service

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