I've lost my GPS tracker, what can I do?

Locate your Tracker

If the GPS tracker still has some battery left, you can activate Live Tracking mode and then search for the tracker in the last reported location.

If it is dark outside, activate the integrated LED light in the app or webapp to help you find the tracker.

If the battery is already empty and you can't find it at the last reported location, you can contact us for assistance locating the tracker.

We will do our best to help you. Please make sure to select the correct support category in the contact form. Don't forget to include the device-ID of your GPS tracker in your inquiry.


Cannot find your Tracker?

If you've lost your tracker and cannot find it, don't worry; Tractive has a number of options for you. 

If you purchased Tractive Care, you are entitled to a replacement tracker. Just submit a request below.

If you did not purchase Tractive Care at the time of activation, you can purchase a new tracker in our webshop or contact Customer Service for more information on replacement devices.

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