How does it work / How can I find my pet with a Tractive GPS tracker?


In order for you to receive accurate information about your pet’s position, the tracker does two things: it detects its location and then communicates this to you.



Location: The GPS module inside the tracker calculates the device's (and therefore your pet’s) location using data it receives from GPS satellites. The tracker works best when it has a clear line of sight to the sky, as it can get data from the satellites more easily.



Communication: Now that the tracker has detected its location, it needs to send this information to your app so that you can track your buddy from the comfort of your cell phone.


How does it do this? When you purchase a subscription plan, this activates the SIM card that is built into the device. The tracker can then connect to local cell networks and send your pet’s positional data back to your app. Thanks to our agreements with service providers in over 175 countries, you can use the tracker almost anywhere in the world and over absolutely any range! You could be on the other side of the world and still track your pet. As long as the tracker is in an area with good cellular (mobile network) coverage, it will be able to send data to your app.



We do not recommend the Tractive GPS tracker for usage in areas with very weak or no cell coverage. The tracker will not be able to send data back to your app promptly if it cannot connect to cell networks. You are likely to experience delays in these circumstances, as the tracker will only be able to send the data to your app once it has reconnected.


When you turn the tracker on, it is in default tracking mode. This means you receive position updates around every 10 minutes when your pet is on the go, and less often when they are relaxing or sleeping. You can enable LIVE Tracking mode in the app to get location updates every 2-3 seconds and follow your pet’s path on the map. This is ideal for scenarios when you need to locate and retrieve your pet. 

The tracker works best when outside, with a clear line of sight to the sky and in an area with good cell coverage. However, our trackers can use additional technologies to help ensure the best possible tracking experience in other situations:


🔋 A Power Saving Zone reduces the impact of GPS interference when your pet is at home and significantly improves battery life.

📶 Activate Bluetooth on your cell phone so the tracker can update its position in areas with poor cell coverage and GPS availability (e.g. in a garage), when the phone is near your tracker.

🔎 Radar mode also uses Bluetooth to help you pinpoint your pet’s location.

💡Additional features such as the Virtual Fence, Location History, Light and Sound help you to keep track of your pet at all times and find them should they run away.


Using the inbuilt accelerometer, your tracker also includes Wellness Monitoring, which tells you how active your pet is, how much they rest, and even how many calories they burn each day. You can also compare your pet’s activity levels against similar cats and dogs to help you better understand the development of their activity levels.


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