What to do if you can’t locate your tracker in a Power Saving Zone

If you’re having trouble locating your tracker and it appears to be in a Power Saving Zone according to the app, we're here to help with the following step-by-step guide:


Understanding Power Saving Zones

When your tracker enters a Power Saving Zone, the network connection is temporarily paused to conserve as much battery life as possible. This means that certain features like LIVE Tracking and Light and Sound are only accessible when you're within Bluetooth range of your tracker.


Steps to follow

  • First, ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and begin actively searching the area where you suspect your tracker might be.
  • Move around and keep an eye on LIVE and Radar on the map screen. If they turn from gray to blue (like below) this means you’re now within Bluetooth range and you can go ahead and activate Light and Sound or Radar Mode to recover your device.




If this method isn't working, let's try the following instead:

  • Delete the Power Saving Zone: Tap Profile on the bottom bar, then select Tracker and tap Edit next to Power Saving Zones. Choose the relevant Power Saving Zone, and use the trash icon to delete it.
  • Allow time for reconnection: After deleting the Power Saving Zone, it's essential to be patient. If the tracker is stationary, it may take up to 12 hours for the tracker to reconnect to cell networks and receive the updated information regarding the deletion of the Power Saving Zone.
  • Utilize Light & Sound: Once the tracker is no longer in Power Saving Mode, you should be able to utilize the Light and Sound features effectively.
  • If the tracker remains offline after a few hours (e.g. the next morning), it may be in a low-signal area. We’d recommend using Radar Mode again to locate it.



What if I don’t end up finding my tracker again?

Don’t worry! There are several options for replacing your lost Tractive GPS device.

  • Replacement via Tractive Care

Tractive Care offers device replacement for loss, theft, or damage for a small fee on top of your subscription. Use the button below to claim your replacement tracker now:

Claim Tractive Care Now

  • Not Covered by Tractive Care?

Enable Tractive Care now (then claim your replacement unit using the link above) or purchase a new tracker at Tractive.com or through a retail partner. Once you receive the new device, you'll be able to easily transfer your existing subscription plan to the new tracker.


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