Radar Mode: How-To Guide

Radar mode allows you to make use of your phone or tablet's Bluetooth proximity feature to see if you are getting closer to or moving further from your pet when both devices are within Bluetooth range of each other.

This can help you to locate your pet indoors or in an area where GPS accuracy may be decreased due to tall buildings, forests, or weather (GPS interference). This feature even works if your tracker or phone is not connected to the network or internet - so you never need to worry about not being able to find your pet again!


How it works

Is your pet hiding in plain sight? Use the Radar feature to locate your dog or cat using Bluetooth detected proximity. 

    1. To use this feature, Bluetooth and GPS must be enabled on your phone. 
    2. Tap Radar at the bottom of the screen 
    3. Once enabled, wait a minute or two for the connection to be established.
    4. As you get closer to your pet/tracker, more of the rings will turn blue. As you get further away, the rings will turn white again. From this screen, you can easily turn on the light or sound feature in order to help you locate your pet.

When using LIVE Tracking, you can also activate Radar mode, in addition to the Light, Sound and Augmented Reality features. You can drag the bottom sheet showing the Light, Sound, AR and Radar features up and down to hide and show these options.


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