How to boost the battery life of your tracker

The battery life of our latest trackers varies between tracker model and size (up to 7 days for our smallest CAT Mini Tracker, up to 1 month for our biggest DOG XL tracker) and depends on the Power Saving Zone feature. A Power Saving Zone helps maximize battery life by saving a significant amount of power when your tracker is connected to a WiFi source in a safe area, such as your home.

Power Saving Zone example for the Tractive DOG XL: 5-15 day battery life goes up to 8-30 days with the use of a Power Saving Zone set up using your Wi-Fi.

When the tracker is still (e.g. while your pet is asleep), the tracker will report fewer positions in order to save battery power. While your cat or dog is on the go, your tracker will use up more battery life as it reports more positions when it detects movement. If you activate LIVE tracking, you'll receive position updates every few seconds, which uses more battery power. So if you've got an adventurous four-legged friend who's always out and about, you'll need to charge the battery more often than if your pet is focused on home comforts.

In addition to your pet's activity level, there are some other factors that affect the battery life of your tracker.

Which other factors impact Tractive GPS battery life?

  • Cellular Coverage: The stronger the mobile network signal in your area, the easier it is for the tracker to establish and maintain a connection with these networks. If the tracker is in an area where the network signal is weak, or there is an issue on the side of the network provider, the battery may drain more quickly than in instances when there is sufficient cell coverage.
  • GPS Availability: The tracker performs best when GPS signals are readily available, outdoors and under a clear sky. Prolonged GPS interference may lead to a decreased battery life. For example, if a tracker is indoors and the roof of the building blocks GPS signals, the tracker uses up more power to try and detect GPS positions.
  • Temperature: Extreme temperatures (below -5°C and above 40°C) may affect battery life and effectiveness. We also recommend avoiding sudden temperature changes, if possible.
  • Hardware/Software: If your device has been damaged, or the software is not up to date, this may lead to a shorter battery life. 


How to extend the battery life of your Tractive GPS tracker:

Follow the steps below to ensure that your Tractive GPS tracker has the longest possible battery life:

  1. Enable Battery Saving Mode.
  2. If you have our latest tracker model, you can set up a Power Saving Zone and enjoy a longer battery life.
  3. Enable Bluetooth and GPS / location services on your smartphone when you're indoors/nearby your pet.
  4. Make sure to keep your tracker up to date.
  5. Limit the use of LIVE Tracking to instances when your pet is missing or out of sight. You'll still always be able to see where your pet is in default tracking mode.
  6. Make sure nothing is blocking your dog or cat's tracker from the open air/sky and avoid using LIVE Tracking when your pet is indoors. Just like on your cell phone, the roof of the building will interfere with the GPS signal and decrease GPS accuracy.
  7. Avoid using the tracker in areas where there is a weak (or no) cellular network signal. Your phone's mobile network strength can be a good indicator of this.

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