Fix a Tractive GPS tracker that won't charge

When you plug the tracker or battery into the charger, the LED will light up red to indicate that the charging process is ongoing. Once the battery is fully charged, the LED will turn off or turn green. If this happens after a few seconds, this indicates that the battery is already fully charged.

Usually, the LED will light up red within a few seconds to indicate that charging is ongoing. If the tracker hasn't been charged for some time, it may take up to one minute for the LED to light up red.

Note: When charging the latest Dog or Cat tracker model, please ensure that you firmly clip the charger onto the end of the tracker with the magnetic, gold charging points, as in the video below. You should hear a click as the charger locks onto the tracker.


If the LED lights up red when charging and then turns off or turns green some time later, but the battery information in the app does not update to reflect this, this is likely due to a connection issue. Please check the LED status of your device and follow the tips at the end of this article to try and resolve this issue.

If the LED does not light up red when you try to charge the tracker or battery, please try the following tips to get your tracker charging again:

  • Make sure that the charger is correctly attached to the tracker or battery and plugged into a working power source.
  • Ensure that all charging components are clean. Gently remove dirt or debris with tap water and a cloth or toothbrush.
  • Try charging the device using another charging cable, A/C adapter, or using the USB port of your computer to rule out the possibility of a defective charging cable or A/C adapter. 
  • Inspect the charging cable and tracker for damages or defects. 

The following tips apply only to trackers with an exchangeable battery: 

  • Inspect the exchangeable battery for damages.
  • Try charging with a different battery to rule out the possibility of a faulty battery.
  • After charging the device, connect the tracker, turn it off and on, close and reopen the app. Wait a few moments and then check the current battery level. It may take a few moments until the new battery level is displayed in the app, depending on the network connection. 

Spare chargers and other accessories can also be purchased at the following link: Tractive GPS Accessories


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