What is the Walk feature?

Exclusively for dog owners, the Walk feature lets you record the strolls you take with your furry friend. Just select Walk on the map screen to start recording your journey. Later, you can revisit your adventures in the History tab.

It is important to understand that the Walk feature relies on your phone's GPS, not the tracker's. Its main purpose is to capture the memorable routes you share with your dog while you’re out walking together. Therefore, if your dog is off-leash and roaming, it's best to activate to LIVE Tracking.

LIVE Tracking utilizes the tracker's location instead, updating every 2-3 seconds, ensuring you can swiftly pinpoint your dog's whereabouts. The recording of your Walk will continue uninterrupted during LIVE tracking.

If you don’t see the Walk button (or it is grayed out) please ensure that:

  • your pet type in your Pet Profile is set to "Dog"
  • your phone is connected to the internet
  • the tracker is switched on with adequate battery
  • the tracker is linked to your account. (Note: Walks cannot be initiated with trackers shared via Family Sharing)


Enjoy your walks and happy tracking!

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