How to plan a route to your pet’s location

Searching for your pet by car and don’t have anyone with you to help navigate? Forwarding your pet’s location to Google Maps or Apple Maps allows you to easily plan a car trip to their location - just in case they’ve roamed a little too far from home!

To do so, you just need to follow these steps:

  • Open the Tractive GPS app on your phone
  • On the Map screen, swipe upwards on the bottom bar where you see LIVE and Radar Mode.
  • Tap Share Location
  • Next, select Open in Maps at the very bottom

Your maps page will now open and display your furry friend's location. You can now go ahead and plan a route to your pet and get them home safely as soon as possible.

The two other options shown in the screenshot above enable you to share your pet’s location with others who might assist you in your search. The button Share Tracking Link creates a Public Sharing link which gives others access to real-time location updates, while Share Latest Location allows them to view the latest GPS position from the moment the message was sent.

If you have a PREMIUM Tractive GPS subscription, using our Sharing features can come in handy when you’re searching for your pet with the help of others. Read more in the following articles:

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