Power Saving Zones: How-To Guide

Boost battery life significantly by allowing your tracker to detect a trusted Wi-Fi network, such as your home or work Wi-Fi! 

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Set up a Power Saving Zone 

You can set up a maximum of five Power Saving Zones per tracker.

    • Tap Profile on the bottom bar 
    • Select Tracker 
    • Under Power Saving Zones, select Add 
    • The app will now scan for nearby Wi-Fi networks. Select the one you’d like to use. If you have a Tractive Base Station, you'll see it appear on the list of networks with its own unique number (Tractive_XXXX)
    • The pin on the map indicates your tracker's current location and the proposed Power Saving Zone. You can adjust the pin if the location is inaccurate
    • Give the new Power Saving Zone a name, such as 'Work Wi-Fi' or 'Home Wi-Fi'
    • Click Finish

Once set up, your tracker will automatically go into Power Saving Mode when it detects it is near that Wi-Fi source.  Struggling to set up a Power Saving Zone? Check out our troubleshooting tips here. 



Edit a Power Saving Zone

    • Tap Profile 
    • Select Tracker 
    • Tap Edit next to Power Saving Zones
    • Click on the Power Saving Zone you'd like to edit
    • Make the necessary edits: Move the pin on the map to change the location or rename the Power Saving Zone
    • Click Save



Remove a Power Saving Zone

  • Tap Profile on the bottom bar
  • Select Tracker
  • Tap Edit next to Power Saving Zones 
  • Select the Power Saving Zone you would like to delete
  • Tap the trash can icon in the top right-hand corner

Don’t worry if the Power Saving Zone doesn't vanish from your app right away. To verify that it has been removed, you can either connect your tracker into its charger or go for a brief walk around the block while carrying the tracker.



 How does a Power Saving Zone save battery life?

The Power Saving Zone feature conserves battery by pausing GPS reporting when the tracker detects your Wi-Fi (as it recognizes your pet is in a designated safe place). This reduces power usage while your pet is within this zone, significantly boosting battery life. Normal GPS reporting resumes as soon as your pet is out and about again. 


Is LIVE Tracking available in a Power Saving Zone?

LIVE Tracking is not available within a Power Saving Zone. This is because a Power Saving Zone is designed to be a safe, familiar area for your pet - usually indoors like your home. In such locations, continuously updating their GPS location becomes unnecessary for two main reasons:

1. their safety is assured, allowing you to save battery life for when you need it most (ie when your pet is roaming outdoors).

2. GPS signals may be obstructed by the roof of your home, leading to potential inaccuracies in location data.

Once your pet decides it’s time to explore beyond the Power Saving Zone, your tracker will start reporting GPS positions again and you can activate LIVE tracking and follow your furry friend’s adventure.


How do I know if my tracker is in a Power Saving Zone?

When you press the power button for one second, your tracker will flash white twice, and "Power Saving Zone" will appear in the top right corner of your app. You'll also see the Wi-Fi symbol next to your pet's icon on the map screen.                                                led-status-psz (1).gif


What is the difference between a Power Saving Zone and a Safe Zone?

Despite their similar names, Power Saving Zones and Safe Zones serve very different purposes. Power Saving Zones are areas where the tracker utilizes your Wi-Fi network to extend battery life. Safe Zones, on the other hand, are part of the Virtual Fence feature. They are areas you can mark as safe, like your garden. When your tracker detects that your pet has entered or exited a Safe Zone, it sends a notification to alert you. However, moving in or out of a Power Saving Zone does not trigger any notification. You can always create a Safe Zone around the perimeter of your home/garden so that you'll receive a notification when your pet ventures beyond the Power Saving Zone.

In summary, Power Saving Zones focus on conserving battery life using Wi-Fi, while Safe Zones are about monitoring your pet’s location in relation to designated safe areas.

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