What is a Power Saving Zone and how does it work?

With Power Saving Zones, you can significantly boost the battery life of your tracker by connecting to a trusted WiFi network, such as your home or work WiFi. 

You can set up a Power Saving Zone directly in the app under Profile > Tracker > Power Saving Zones. You can create up to 5 Power Saving Zones per tracker.

Once set up, your tracker will automatically go into Power Saving Mode when it detects it is near that WiFi source. There will be a small WiFi icon near your pet's position on the map to show the tracker is currently using WiFi to save battery life.

Which features are available in Power Saving Mode?

check-green.svg   Wellness Monitoring (active minutes, rest time, sleep) 
check-green.svg   Find Mode
check-green.svg   Light and Sound
unchecked.svg   LIVE Tracking

Your Power Saving Zone should be a trusted, safe area (such as your home), therefore it is not usually possible to activate LIVE Tracking when the tracker detects your pet is in this safe area. Once your tracker detects it has left the area of the Power Saving Zone, it will begin detecting GPS positions again and you’ll be able to use LIVE tracking.

ic_warning-1.svg  If your tracker is lost within the Power Saving Zone, please see our tips here.

If you're experiencing any difficulties while using this feature, we've put together a troubleshooting guide to help you resolve any issues you may come across.

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