Wellness Monitoring: How-To Guide

Activity is now called Wellness in the app. You will still find Activity and Sleep features there, plus new additions like the Wellness Score.

With the Tractive GPS, not only will you be able to keep tabs on the location of your furry friend thanks to the core tracking features (such as LIVE tracking), but you can also monitor their health and wellbeing using a separate feature called Wellness Monitoring.

Wellness Monitoring combines sleep, activity levels and other insights to give you a picture of your pet’s wellbeing and fitness. That way, you can track changes and keep them in good health.

Start by setting up a Pet Profile and choosing a daily Activity Goal. Then just open the Tractive GPS app, and tap the Wellness tab on the bottom bar. As long as you have been using your tracker regularly for at least 7 days, you’ll now see your buddy’s Wellness information separated into the following insights: Wellness Score, Activity, Sleep and Leaderboard. Discover more about these insights below.



The Wellness Score is based on your buddy's recent active time, rest duration and sleep quality. This gives you an overview of this data and helps you monitor any recent changes to their health and lifestyle. See more here.


Here, you can check in on your furry friend’s fitness levels, spot any unusual behaviors and make sure they are fit and healthy. For more info about tracking your pet’s activity, see here.


With Sleep Tracking, you can see how much quality sleep your pet got last night, find out how often they’re disturbed in the night, and learn whether they’re getting more or less sleep than usual. With a good picture of their rest routine, you can spot sleep patterns, changes and trends. While some changes are expected - like less nap time during a day of hiking - others can signal something is bothering your buddy. See more about Sleep Tracking here.


Check how well your buddy is doing on the monthly leaderboard for some friendly competition - learn more here!

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