What is LIVE Tracking?

While our four-legged friends may be domesticated, any dog or cat owner knows that they've still got a wild instinct - which could lead to you losing track of the whereabouts of your furry friend for some time.

Not knowing where your beloved feline or canine friend is can easily turn into a pet parent's worst nightmare.

Whether they're allowed to roam freely for days on end, or they disappear unexpectedly resulting in a family emergency, both situations can be stressful for pet parents who want to keep their four-legged friend safe and cared for at all times.

The Tractive GPS tracker's LIVE Tracking feature shows you the location of your pet in real-time and can support you in getting back your peace of mind.


LIVE Tracking gives you the ability to know where your four-legged friend is anywhere, anytime.

You only need to:

  1. Equip your dog or cat with a Tractive GPS tracker
  2. Charge the device, attach it to your pet's collar and power it on.
  3. Open the Tractive GPS app on your smartphone and with the click of a button - voilà! - you can see your pet's movement displayed on the map in real-time:



Important notes about LIVE Tracking:

  • In LIVE Tracking mode, the location of your pet is reported every 2-3 seconds.
  • You can check out where your wandering cat or dog has been roaming, with the help of the location history feature.
  • When your pet is missing, you're more likely to retrieve them quickly and safely if your dog or cat is equipped with a GPS tracking device which has a LIVE Tracking option.
  • Unlike microchips which are only useful once your dog or cat has been found, the Tractive GPS tracker allows you to actively search for your missing pet just seconds after they go missing.
  • In combination with LIVE Tracking, you can use features like the buzzer and LED light, compass and augmented reality to help you locate and safely retrieve your pet.

Do you already own a Tractive GPS tracker? Learn how to activate LIVE Tracking now.

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