Do I need cellular coverage for the Tractive GPS tracker to work?

Yes. The tracker contains an inbuilt SIM card and uses this to send data - such as your pet’s position - back to your app using cellular (mobile) networks. Good cell coverage ensures the tracker can maintain a stable connection and send you position updates at regular intervals. Thanks to our agreements with our 500+ partners across the world, our trackers can connect to all of their major 2G and/or LTE (CatM1) cell networks in over 175 countries!

In general, the Tractive GPS works wherever your cell phone works. However, it’s important to note that the tracker does not connect to exactly the same networks as your smartphone. The tracker cannot connect to as many frequency bands as a cell phone; this is necessary to ensure the tracker has a useful battery life despite its small size. Occasionally, the frequency bands the tracker can access may have limited coverage in some areas. However, the tracker will always connect to the most stable network it can find at the time.

What if I’m in an area with poor cellular coverage?

In areas with very patchy or no cell coverage, your tracker will struggle to connect to cell networks and send data back to your app. This leads to delays in position updates and difficulties using LIVE tracking mode.

Once the tracker reconnects to cell networks, it will send the positions it detected while not connected back to your app and you will see these in your Location History.

The battery life of your device will be shorter in areas with poor cell coverage because the tracker has to work harder to establish this connection to cell networks. However, the Power Saving Zone feature can help improve the battery life of your device significantly.

Note: If you’re based in the USA, you can check whether there is network coverage at your home address using the link here.


We offer a full refund on all purchases, including subscription plans, within 30 days in line with our refund policy. If you’re not sure about cell coverage in your area, why not give the tracker a try? Before attaching it to your pet’s collar, take a few walks around the areas your pet normally goes and test the tracker out by activating LIVE mode. If the tracker doesn’t work reliably in your area, you can claim a full refund within one month of activation!

And of course, if you do have any issues with the tracker or have any questions, our Customer Happiness Team will be delighted to help you!

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