How can I claim my Tractive Care replacement tracker?

If you purchased Tractive Care along with your subscription plan at the time of activation, and have recently lost or damaged your device, you may be entitled to a replacement GPS tracker, at no additional cost. 

Use the button below to claim your Tractive Care replacement unit: 


When claiming your Tractive Care replacement tracker, you only need to pay for shipping. Additionally, you'll have the option to purchase Tractive Care for the remainder of your subscription plan, but you can opt out of this using the toggle button (at the link above).

Afterwards, you can easily activate the replacement device without purchasing an additional subscription plan. Simply transfer your existing subscription plan to the new tracker.

Don't have Tractive Care? Add Tractive Care to your subscription plan now.

Or contact the Tractive Customer Happiness team today to inquire about discount replacement tracker options. We hope to help you continue tracking your pet with peace of mind.

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