How can I fix false Virtual Fence notifications?

If you receive Virtual Fence notifications when your pet is at home, this could well be because of GPS interference. 

Your tracker calculates its location based on its proximity to GPS satellites. However, when your tracker is indoors, its line of sight to the sky may be blocked, making it more difficult for the tracker to accurately detect its location. This can lead to less accurate or ‘jumping’ positions and you can read more about this here: How accurate is the Tractive GPS tracker?

However, we are doing everything we can to make sure that you receive accurate position updates and notifications. The following tips should help ensure that you avoid false Virtual Fence notifications:

  • Set up a Power Saving Zone to avoid less accurate positions when your pet is at home.
  • Avoid using LIVE tracking when your pet is indoors, as this is likely to lead to more ‘jumping’ positions.
  • Make your Virtual Fence a little larger so it still helps keep your pet safe, but minimizes the impact of GPS interference.
  • If you have multiple Virtual Fences, make sure that they do not overlap with each other.
  • Enable Bluetooth and GPS / Location Services on your smartphone to improve accuracy when your pet is nearby.

If you continue to experience issues, please complete our contact form and provide us with some example times at which you received false Virtual Fence notifications (please provide times that are as accurate as possible to help us investigate this for you).


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