What are the benefits of a PREMIUM subscription plan?

The benefits of a Tractive GPS PREMIUM subscription plan include:



 Worldwide Coverage


With a PREMIUM subscription plan, the Tractive GPS can send position updates in real-time in over 175 countries that are covered by 2G and/or LTE (CatM1) cellular coverage from one of our 500+ partners. This is perfect for a holiday trip outside the country or for users who live close to the border. With the BASIC subscription plan, the Tractive GPS only works in one country of your choice.



 Public & Family Sharing 

Users with a PREMIUM subscription plan can share their Tractive GPS tracker and the location of their pet with anyone via the Public or Family Sharing features in the Tractive GPS app (Android, iOS, Web).



 365 Day Location History

Users with a PREMIUM subscription plan are able to view all positions recorded by the Tractive GPS device for the last 365 days. Users with a BASIC subscription plan are only able to view the whereabouts of the last 24 hours.



 Export Location History

The PREMIUM subscription plan not only shows all positions of your Tractive GPS device, it also offers the possibility to export the location data in GPX and KML data format.

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