How accurate is the Tractive GPS tracker?

The Tractive GPS device is generally as accurate as standard GPS (Global Positioning System) technology.


How accurate is GPS?

According to the U.S. SPS Performance Standard, GPS signals provide an accuracy of 7.8 m (25 ft) at a 95% confidence level when calculating the distance between satellite and receiver.

The tracker receives signals from GPS satellites with a built-in GPS antenna and infers the distance to the satellites from the signal's travel time.

The tracker can calculate its position when the distances to at least 4 satellites are established. The more GPS satellites it can detect, the greater the accuracy.


What can decrease the accuracy of the Tractive GPS?

When GPS signals are blocked by environmental factors, it can be more difficult to determine an accurate position. When this happens, the Tractive GPS tries to determine its location based on the availability of cell towers.

In this case the tracker can only give a rough estimate of its position (50m accuracy maximum).  

GPS signals can also be obstructed by factors such as weather, forest, and building structures. 

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