How accurate is the Tractive GPS tracker?

The Tractive GPS Tracker offers precise pet tracking, generally accurate to within 8 meters, provided there's a clear view of the sky. This accuracy relies on having unobstructed access to GPS satellites. Obstacles like buildings, dense foliage, or indoor environments can reduce this precision due to GPS signal interference.

hc-gps (1).jpg

  1. Ideal conditions: clear line of sight to the sky, fine weather
  2. Possible GPS interference: thick cloud cover, heavy rain 
  3. Likely GPS interference: dense forest, steep hills, artificial structures

Don’t forget: The tracker has two tracking modes: Default Tracking and LIVE Tracking. To follow your pet’s every step in real-time, be sure to activate LIVE mode. In Default mode, location updates are less frequent, so you might not see an exact trace of your pet’s movements in the Location History. Choose LIVE for unparalleled tracking detail. More about Default & LIVE mode here.

It is possible to enhance tracking accuracy with:

🔋 Power Saving Zones: When at home, this feature minimizes GPS interference, enhancing both accuracy and battery life.

📶 Bluetooth Connectivity: Enables position updates in areas with low GPS or cell signal for improved tracking.

🔎 Radar Mode: Uses Bluetooth for a closer approximation of your pet's location when you're nearby.

Despite the inherent limitations of GPS technology, we're committed to providing the most accurate and reliable tracking data for your peace of mind.

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