What to do if you see a Tracker Already Activated message in the app

Have you just received your new Tractive tracker and encountered a Tracker Already Activated error message during setup? No worries, we're here to help!




Understanding tracker activation

If you purchase a tracker via our online shop and opt to buy your subscription plan straight away (before the tracker arrives), your Tractive account is automatically created for you during the checkout process. This account is linked to the email address you provide during the purchase.

This means your tracker arrives activated, so there's no need to activate it again. Simply log in with the email address you used during purchase, and you can begin tracking your furry friend right away.

If you inadvertently create an account with a different email address, you’ll see the Tracker Already Activated error message if you try to activate the tracker again.


Steps to follow

Simply tap the Cancel button on the error message, log out of this account, and log back in using the email address and password associated with the account created during your purchase.

If you need to reset your password, follow the steps here. 

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