Sleep Tracking: How-To Guide

Simply tap the Wellness tab in the Tractive GPS app and scroll down to Sleep.

By tapping on the More button next to Sleep Phases, you’ll access your pet’s Sleep Summary and get interesting insights into their sleep patterns (once your Tractive GPS has collected at least seven days’ worth of data).

Within your Sleep Summary, you’ll see the following:

  • Night sleep quality to show you how well your pet slept the previous night
  • Night sleep interruptions so you can see at a glance how often they were disturbed during the night
  • Sleep phases to show you when your furry friend was asleep that day
  • Night sleep, Day sleep and Calm, which shows you their daily values compared to their average 

These insights will help you get to know your pet’s usual rest routines, spot sleep patterns and recognise changes to their daily routines - all of which can help you detect potential issues early and make sure they’re in good health. 

Resting for more than 20 minutes counts as sleep for your furry friend. For times when the tracker is switched off or charging, no sleep data will be recorded in your Sleep Summary. 

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