How to track your pet's sleep

To track your pet's sleep, open the Tractive GPS app and navigate to the Wellness tab. Scroll to the Sleep section to view the duration of your pet’s most recent sleep. 

Tap the small arrow to access additional insights into their sleep patterns.

Your Sleep Summary will display:

  • Night sleep, Day sleep, and Calm, which compare daily values to the average of the past seven days
  • Night sleep quality, indicating how well your pet slept last night.
  • Night sleep interruptions, highlighting how often their sleep was disrupted.
  • Sleep phases, detailing when your pet was asleep throughout the day.

These details will help you understand your pet’s typical rest habits, recognize patterns, and identify any changes in their routines. This is crucial for detecting early signs of issues and ensuring their well-being.

Note that any period over 20 minutes of rest is considered sleep. If the tracker is off or charging, no sleep data will be recorded during that time.

Your pet will need to have been wearing their tracker for at least 7 days before any sleep data is displayed.

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