Public Sharing: How-To Guide

In addition to the Family Sharing feature, you can also use Public Sharing with a PREMIUM subscription plan. In this article, we'll explain all about how to use Public Sharing!


What are the benefits of Public Sharing?

Public Sharing helps when you need to share location, quickly, with anyone - including people without a Tractive GPS account.

It creates a link that lets the person you share it with:

  • See your tracker’s current location
  • Change map view (e.g. Street, Satellite)


How to use Public Sharing

In the Tractive GPS mobile app:

  1. If you have multiple pets, select the desired pet/tracker using the drop-down arrow at the top of the map screen.
  2. Next, swipe up from the bottom of the bar and tap on Share location at the bottom.

  3. Select Share Tracking Link and follow the instructions.
  4. Want to stop sharing? Tap the Stop Sharing Location button on the same screen

In your web browser at

  1. Click Trackers and Subscription Plans.
  2. Select the tracker whose location you want to share.
  3. Click Sharing.
  4. Under Public Sharing, click on Get Shareable Link and follow the instructions
  5. Want to stop sharing? Press End Share on the same screen

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