Can I pause my Tractive GPS subscription plan?

Yes! If you know you won’t be using your Tractive GPS for some time, you might want to consider pausing your subscription plan. With this option, you can temporarily stop your subscription and come back to us when you’re ready.

You can pause your subscription plan directly in your account by following the steps below:

  • Visit
  • Select Trackers & Subscription Plans
  • Select the desired tracker/subscription plan you'd like to pause
  • Select Subscription Plan Pause Subscription Plan and then choose when the plan should resume

The subscription plan will automatically resume on your chosen date. However, if you'd like to begin using your tracker again before that date, you can easily reactivate your device immediately in your account.

In the mobile app, simply tap on Resume Now at the top of the screen after logging in. You can also resume your subscription plan in your web browser at by following the steps to pause the plan outlined above and clicking on Resume Subscription Plan.

Note: You can pause your subscription on two separate occasions per year, for a maximum of eight months per year.

Remember: If you don't need to use your tracker for the remainder of your subscription plan, you can give the tracker and remaining subscription plan time to a friend to help keep more dogs and cats in your community safe!


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