How can I claim a refund for my subscription?

If you no longer wish to use your tracker and would like to terminate your subscription plan, you can claim a refund for your subscription as it was purchased or renewed within the last 30 days. As mentioned when you were redirected to this page by our Customer Happiness Team, please follow the steps below in order to do so.

If you are having any problems with the tracker, or if it is lost/damaged, our Customer Happiness Team will be delighted to help and make sure everything is working to your satisfaction. You can submit a request via our Help Center or contact us via live chat, which is available 24/7 in English.

To claim a refund for your subscription, please follow these steps:

  • Visit in your web browser
  • Select Manage your Account > Trackers & Subscription Plans
  • Select the desired tracker/subscription plan you'd like to cancel
  • Select Subscription Plan > More Actions > Claim Refund

Note: Please make sure that you select Claim Refund to receive your refund. If you select Cancel Subscription Plan, your subscription will be cancelled so that no further payments are taken, but the refund will not be processed.

Once you have done this, your payment will be refunded and you can expect to receive the funds back in your account within a few business days. Your subscription will be automatically terminated once the refund has been processed from our side.

If you or a new user would like to make use of the tracker again, it can be reactivated anytime at

For the future, you may wish to find out more about how you can manage your subscription plans directly in your account.

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