Do I need WiFi to use the Tractive GPS tracker?

No. You don’t specifically need WiFi to use the Tractive GPS tracker. However, the smartphone on which you’re running the app, does require an internet connection - this connection can come from WiFi or cellular data on your phone. 

A WiFi connection offers an added benefit known as a Power Saving Zone. So if you do have WiFi at home or at work, a Power Saving Zone will help significantly with boosting the battery life of your tracker. Want to learn more about Power Saving Zones? Check out the How-To Guide here.




The tracker itself does not require an internet connection. It calculates its GPS position then sends the information over its own cellular network connection.

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The phone or tablet on which you're using the Tractive GPS app requires an internet connection (either via WiFi or mobile data) to ensure you receive updates in real-time.


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Power Saving Zone feature

This feature works by detecting your WiFi in order to boost battery life. 


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