How can I set an Activity Goal for my pet?

To use the Activity Monitoring feature, you’ll need to enter your pet’s details in the Pet Profile section of your account and set your Activity Goal. You will be prompted to set an Activity Goal when you tap on the Activity tab on the bottom bar.

A default goal will be suggested based on data we have collected from pets like yours over several years. Of course, this is just a general recommendation, and you can change your pet’s Activity Goal at any time.

To do so, simply:

  • Go to the Profile on the bottom bar
  • Scroll down to Activity Goal
  • Tap Edit and then adjust your goal

The new goal will take effect the following day. 




How can I make sure the Activity Goal is right for my pet?

First, make sure that your Pet Profile data (weight, height, birthday, if your pet is neutered etc.) is as accurate as possible. Here is how to measure your pet’s height:

  • For dogs: Measure from the floor to the top of the withers (highest point of its shoulder blades).
  • For cats: Measure the length of the lower back leg from the knee to the ankle.

If no Activity Goal is selected or such data provided, Tractive will use average statistical information for the pet type (dog or cat) to set these values for you.

Although we provide you with a suggested goal based on data we have collected from thousands of pets, a healthy amount of exercise is very individual and can vary depending on the type of pet, breed, size, weight, age, and health condition.

Use the Activity Monitoring feature consistently over several days and weeks to learn what is normal for your pet and based on this information, change the Activity Goal for your four-legged friend if necessary. Feel free to tap on the calendar icon in the Activity tab to view if the number of active minutes your furry friend records is increasing or decreasing over time.


What is a Streak?

A Streak marks the successive days of goal completion. For example, a three-day streak will occur if your pet has achieved their Activity Goal for three consecutive days. The Streak is illustrated by the number three and green circle in the screenshot below:



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