Leaderboard: How-To Guide

The Leaderboard feature helps you to have fun staying active with your pet in a friendly competition with other pet parents in your community.


There are four types of Leaderboards available in the Tractive GPS app:

Global Leaderboard: Compare your pet's activity level with that of all other pets around the world.

Breed Leaderboard: Specify your pet's breed to see how your dog or cat stacks up to other pets of the same breed. For mixed breeds, the first breed selected in the Pet Details will be used.

Local Leaderboard: View the most active pets from those in your local area. This Leaderboard shows the data of the 50 pets closest to your furry friend (within a 100 km radius).

Friends Leaderboard: Add friends to view the most active pets among your group of pals. Use the prompts on the Friends Leaderboard page to add friends to this Leaderboard.

You can remove a friend from the Leaderboard in the Account Friends section of the mobile app by tapping on the three dots next to their name.

Leaderboards display rankings of pets based on their total active minutes for the current month. Therefore, the data on the Leaderboards is set back to zero at the end of each month.


What information is shown on the Leaderboard and can I opt out?

Your pet's name, breed, active minutes, gender, and pet birthday are displayed on the Leaderboard and are therefore visible to other users of the Tractive GPS app. Your private account information is never shared with other users.

On the Friends Leaderboard, the following additional information is shown to your friends: your name, pet height, pet weight.

You can remove your pet's details from the Leaderboard at any time. Simply tap on the Leaderboard, and again on the circular i icon to find more information about the Leaderboard types. Tap on I don't want to join the Leaderboard and click Exit to confirm.

If you opt out of one Leaderboard, by default, you opt out of all of them. It is not possible to opt out of only one Leaderboard at this time. If you wish to opt in to the Leaderboard again, simply tap on Profile > Leaderboard > Join Leaderboard.

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