How to track your pet's activity

To view your furry friend’s Activity data in the app, the first step is to set up their Pet Profile - make sure that all of their details (breed, age, height, weight etc) are correct so that we can provide you with the most accurate data.

Once you've set up the Pet Profile, simply tap the Wellness tab on the bottom bar, then tap anywhere in the Activity section.

As long as you’ve been using your tracker regularly for at least 7 days, you’ll now see your buddy’s Activity Summary with a range of insights to help you understand how active they are, how close they are to reaching their daily goals, and how they compare to other pets like them. 

  • Active Minutes are the time your pet spends doing activities such as walking, running or playing. Short or light movements, such as when your pet stretches or turns around while sleeping, are not counted as active minutes because such movements do not constitute exercise for your pet. The bar chart shows the times of day your pet was active. 
  • The Calories metric offers you an estimate of how many calories your pet has burned that day (including resting calories).. This takes into account the information you enter in the Pet Profile section of the app, such as your pet’s weight and whether they are neutered or not.

The circle around your buddy’s photo will fill up as they progress towards their daily Activity Goal.

Here, you’ll also see how your furry friend’s activity levels compare to pets of the same breed, weight and size. Click here to read more about this feature.

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