Could the Tractive GPS be harmful to my pet?

Tractive GPS products are designed and engineered by pet lovers in order to provide pet parents with a safe and reliable pet-tracking solution. The health and safety of your four-legged friend is our number one priority here at Tractive!

You can rest assured that the Tractive GPS will cause no harm to your pet or to you. Here's why:

  • The GPS tracker uses local cellular networks to send data - therefore it generates and uses electromagnetic fields (EMF). The tracker uses the same technologies that are built into your cell phone.
  • While the Federal Communications Commission regulates only radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields for humans, the Tractive GPS Tracker complies with the same regulations. In other words, RF exposure is limited, just as with any other product that produces an electromagnetic field, such as your mobile phone.
  • The Tractive GPS complies with all guidelines and does not exceed European and US "SAR" regulations.
  • Relevant data transmissions occur on average every 10 minutes in default tracking mode. Compared to a mobile phone call, which transmits voice data continuously, you can expect even less exposure to electromagnetic fields and signals.

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