Can I track my pet from more than one device?

Yes! It's possible to sign in to your Tractive GPS account on more than one device at a time to instantly track your pet whenever and wherever you'd like.

Simply download the Tractive GPS mobile app on your smartphone(s) and/or tablet(s), or visit in the web browser on your computer. Start tracking your pets on each device simultaneously - from home, work, or on the go.

Note: Tractive recommends only sharing your Tractive GPS username and password with trusted friends or family members. From within your account, they'll have all the same permissions you do - including access to the trackers LIVE position, payment, and subscription plan information.

Use the PREMIUM Tracker Sharing Feature to share your dog or cat's position with friends, neighbors, or the dog sitter. They won't have access to your account - instead, they can only view your pet's location for as long as you decide to share the tracker with them.

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