Can I add more than one GPS tracker to the same subscription plan?

Do you have multiple pets? No problem! You can keep track of all of them easily with a GPS tracker for each of your furry friends.

Just like each cat or dog requires their own Tractive GPS Tracker, each tracker requires its own Tractive subscription plan.

Activate your new device with a Tractive GPS subscription plan in the mobile app or web app.


Why does each device require a subscription plan?

Each Tractive GPS Tracker contains an integrated SIM card, which connects to multiple local cellular networks in your area to send your pet's GPS location data straight to your fingertips in real time with the help of the Tractive GPS app.

Tractive has established partnerships with mobile service providers in over 150 countries worldwide - allowing you to track your four-legged friend nearly anywhere in the world (Premium subscription plan required).

The integrated SIM card therefore continually generates monthly costs, similar to a cell phone. These costs are fully covered by Tractive, and only a small subscription plan fee is charged.

Read more about the Tractive GPS subscription plans here.

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