Can I add more than one GPS tracker to the same subscription plan?

Do you have more than one pet and want to keep each of them safe with the help of a Tractive GPS tracker? Perfect - you can easily track all of your pets simultaneously and in real time from within your account in the Tractive GPS app!

However, it's important to note that each Tractive GPS tracker must be activated with its own subscription plan. It is not possible to 'link' more than one tracker to the same subscription plan.

The reason for this? Each tracker generates mobile service fees, similar to your cell phone. The integrated SIM card works with multiple local network providers in your area and in each country where Tractive operates - enabling you to track your pet in over 175 countries worldwide*.

View available subscription plans and pricing here. Each tracker can be activated for just a few Euros, Dollars, or Pounds a month - equivalent to the price of your favorite cup of coffee.

Still have questions? Click here for more information about subscription plans.

*PREMIUM subscription plan required - available in areas with 2G and/or LTE (CatM1) cellular coverage from one of our 500+ partners. 

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