How to add Tractive Care to an existing subscription plan

With your Tractive subscription, you get access to both the Tractive GPS app (your tracker companion) and (for managing your account & subscription). This article will guide you to

Add Tractive Care to an existing tracker / subscription plan, so you'll always be covered in the event that your GPS tracker is lost, stolen, or damaged.


To enable Tractive Care:

  • Log in at
  • Click on Trackers & Subscription Plans  
  • Select the desired tracker.
  • Click on Subscription Plan.
  • Click the Enable Tractive Care button and follow the steps to continue adding Tractive Care to your subscription plan.

Add Tractive Care Now

Once enabled, Tractive Care will provide you with a replacement unit should the device be lost, stolen, or damaged at any time throughout the subscription period.

If your tracker has been lost, stolen, or damaged and you have Tractive Care enabled, click here to claim Tractive Care now.

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