How can I resolve a failed payment issue?

To successfully complete your purchase or subscription, try the following steps:


How to complete your purchase if a payment fails or is declined

1. Check your payment information:  

Make sure all payment details are correct. This includes the credit card number, expiration
date, and CVC code. Remember to enter the correct 3D secure code if required by your card.

2. Update your payment method:  

Visit your account settings to update or change your payment method.

3. Add a new payment method:  

Go to your account settings and add a different payment method. Remove the old one if necessary.

4. Attempt the purchase again:  

Once your payment method is updated, try to complete your purchase again.


If you still can't make a purchase

1. Check account funds and card status:  

Ensure that your card has not expired and that your account has sufficient funds. Note that prepaid credit cards are not accepted for subscription plans.

2. Contact your bank or credit provider:  

Confirm that there are no blocks on international or recurring transactions made to Tractive. You may need to authorize these transactions directly with your bank.

3. Understand Local Regulations:  

In some regions, your payment may be declined due to local laws affecting banking and payment systems. Understand these regulations to help facilitate your purchase.


Need further assistance? Contact Tractive Customer Service

If issues persist or you have any questions, please reach out to Tractive Customer Service for support.

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