Virtual Fence: How-To Guide


Would you like to be alerted when your pet either leaves or enters a certain area, such as your home or a local park? If so, you can set up a Virtual Fence, which is a perimeter that defines a safe area (Safe Zone) or a dangerous place (No-Go Zone) for your pet to be in. 

Just set up your customizable Virtual Fence and both you and anyone you have shared your tracker with will receive notifications when your pet enters or leaves the perimeter of the Virtual Fence!

Safe Zones and No-Go Zones

Safe Zones signify spaces where you are generally happy for your pet to be, but you’d like to be informed when they leave and re-enter that zone, such as the area around your home or a local park. Safe Zones are shown in green in the app.

No-Go Zones are for more dangerous places, such as a busy road or an area with wild or aggressive animals. These areas are shown in red in the app.

You can deactivate a Virtual Fence by going to that Virtual Fence in the app and tapping on the slider next to Activate Virtual Fence. Any inactive Virtual Fences are marked in gray in the app. 

Find out how to get the most out of the Virtual Fence feature here:

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