What is the battery life of the Tractive GPS?

In general, the battery life of the Tractive GPS tracker is 2-5 days, with a charging time of up to 3 hours. With the new Power Saving Zone feature, which is available on LTE trackers, the battery in your device can last up to five times as long as previously since the tracker uses very little battery while your pet is within a Power Saving Zone. You can also read more about environmental and use factors that have an impact on battery life here.

Tractive is continuously working to improve the battery life of all Tractive GPS devices, keeping in mind the size, weight, and other necessary features of the tracker.

Note: Tracker availability varies by country. Please visit www.tractive.com to see which Tractive GPS trackers are available in your country.

For support with the battery of your Tractive GPS device, click here.

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