What is the battery life of the Tractive GPS?

Battery lifetime significantly varies depending on cellular coverage and usage. The better the cellular signal, the less power required. Battery life can be significantly extended by setting up a WiFi-based Power Saving Zone. To learn more how to get the best battery lifetime out of your Tractive device, click here.

You can find your tracker model’s expected battery life below. 


What is a Power Saving Zone?

A Power Saving Zone uses a trusted WiFi source, such as your WiFi at home. When your tracker detects it is near a trusted WiFi source, it goes into power saving mode and stops reporting GPS positions until your pet leaves the area of the Power Saving Zone. Once your pet is out and about, the tracker begins reporting GPS positions again as normal. This means you might need to charge the battery more often if your pet is on the go a lot.

Tip: To ensure a longer battery duration, make sure to only activate LIVE tracking when necessary, since this feature uses more power due to its real-time location updates.

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