What do the LED light colors mean?

The LED light on your Tractive GPS will illuminate in the following events:


🟢  Tracker turned on: green light after pressing the tracker button for 3 seconds 

🔴  Tracker turned off: red light after pressing the tracker button for 3 seconds (again) 

🔴  Charging ongoing: red light during charging 

🟢  Charging complete: green light when charging is complete (for older tracker models, the light may also disappear indicating charging is complete)

🔴  Battery low warning: red blinking light when battery is running low

⚪ ⚪  Power Saving Zone: white light blinks twice when the power button is pressed for one second while the tracker is in power saving mode

🟣 ⚪ 🔵  LIVE Tracking: purple/pink, white or blue blinking light in LIVE Tracking mode


Note: If the tracker displays a purple/pink, white or blue light when not in LIVE Tracking mode or in a Power Saving Zone, please contact Tractive for support via the link at the bottom of this page. 


Network & GPS Connection 

When the tracker is turned on, you can press the power button for one second to view the network and GPS connection status of the device.


What does the connection status mean?

You should see two blinking colored lights:

  1. The color of the first light represents the network connection status
  2. The color of the second light represents the GPS connection status




No GPS or Network Connection? Here's what to do:

If you encounter one or two red lights, the first step is to go outside, wait for about a minute, and then check the GPS and network status again. If the red lights persist, try restarting the app and resetting the tracker.


How to reset your tracker:

2022-01-20_tracker_images.png If you have our latest Dog or Cat tracker model, reset the tracker by holding the power button down for 10 seconds. Please then release the power button. The LED will light up for 2 seconds and you will hear a high-pitched tone indicating that your tracker has been successfully reset.

If you have any other tracker, reset it by holding the power button down for 30 seconds. Please then release the power button. A successful reset is indicated by a flashing light and beeping sound.


Once reset, give the tracker a few minutes to connect to local cell networks and determine accurate GPS positions. If possible, try a 10-minute test walk around your area with the tracker in hand and LIVE tracking activated.

If you continue to face difficulties, please reach out to us and keep the tracker turned on if possible. To help us handle your request quickly, please provide the following information:

🗓️ When did the issue start?

🟢 What color combination do you see if you press the power button once after resetting the tracker and keeping it outside for a few minutes (e.g. green-red)?

🕒 The date and time of your 10-minute test walk.


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