What do the LED light colors mean?

By pressing the power button for one second, the LED light will blink two times, indicating the network/GPS status of the device:

Both lights should be green for a normal tracking experience. When one or both lights are red, tracking may be interrupted.


No GPS or Network Connection? Here's what to do:

If you experience one or two red lights, try this:

  1. Turn the device off and on again
  2. Go outside with the device and wait a few minutes
  3. Check the LED light status again until you have two green lights.

Please see the following articles for further information, in case you don't have a GPS or network connection:


Other LED Light Indicators

  • Battery fully charged: red LED will turn off when charging is complete.
  • On/Off status: LED will blink green once when powered on and blink red once when powered off.
  • Low battery warning: LED will flash red 3 times every 15 seconds when the battery level falls below 10%.
  • LIVE Tracking: LED will flash white in LIVE Tracking mode (or blue on the Tractive IKATI, Tractive GPS DOG & Tractive GPS CAT).

Note: If the tracker displays a white light when NOT in LIVE Tracking mode, please contact Tractive for support.

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