What do the LED light colours mean?

Your tracker is fitted with an LED light, which blinks green, red or white at different times to show you the status of your tracker. Read on to learn more.


Network/GPS Status

If your tracker is not quickly updating its location in the app, you may want to check the mobile network and/or GPS status of the device. This will tell you, if your device has a connection to the local cellular network and also if it has a clear connection with GPS satellites.

By pressing the power button for one second, the LED light will blink two times, indicating the GSM/GPS status of the device:

FIRST BLINK: When it is green, it means that there is a GSM connection to the Tractive server. In case it is red, there is no GSM or network connection.

SECOND BLINK: If the second blink is green, there is GPS available, if it is red, there is no GPS available.


Battery Status & Live Tracking

The LED also blinks when the GPS tracker is in Live Tracking mode and in the case of a very low battery.

Please note: if your tracker displays a white light when NOT in Live Tracking mode, please contact Customer Service.


Charging & Power On/Off

Additionally, your tracker will light up red to indicate when charging is complete, blink red once to confirm when it has been powered off, and blink green when powered on. 

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