How to turn your tracker on and off

Follow the simple steps below to turn your Tractive GPS tracker on or off. This can only be done using the button on the device; it is not possible to turn the tracker on or off remotely at this time.


To turn the tracker ON:

Press the power button on the device for 3 seconds. You will hear some ascending beeps and the LED will light up green for one second.


To turn the tracker OFF:

To turn the GPS device off, press the power button for 3 seconds again and you will hear some descending beeps. The LED will also light up red for one second.

Sometimes, the red light might remain illuminated for a couple of seconds. This means that the tracker is transmitting data through the cellular network before it turns off completely.


How do I know whether the Tractive GPS tracker is turned on or off?

Press the button on the device briefly (for less than 3 seconds). If you hear a beep and the LED lights up then the tracker is turned on. If, however, the app reports that the tracker is still turned off a couple of minutes later, this indicates that the tracker is not currently connected to local cell networks. In this case, please follow the troubleshooting steps at the end of this article.


Should you face any issues turning the tracker on or off, please contact us for assistance. 


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