How can I turn my Tractive GPS tracker on and off?

Follow the simple steps below to turn your Tractive GPS tracker on or off.


To turn the tracker ON:

Press the power button of the device for 3 seconds. You will hear two short ascending beeps and the LED will light up green for one second.


To turn the tracker OFF:

To turn the GPS device off, press the power button for 3 seconds again and you will hear two short descending beeps followed by a red light.

Under certain circumstances, the red light might remain illuminated for a couple of seconds. This means that the tracker is transmitting data through the cellular network before it turns off completely.


How do I know whether the Tractive GPS tracker is turned on or off?

Press the button on the device briefly (less than 3 seconds). If the LED lights up and if you hear a short beep, the device is turned on. If there is neither a beep nor a light, the GPS device is turned off.

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