How to report a danger in the app

Heading out with your furry friend only to stumble upon something suspicious that spells danger? Let fellow Tractive pet parents know by reporting it within the app!

  • On the map screen, tap the + icon in the bottom right corner
  • Next, press and drag the pin on the exact location where you spotted the hazard. Once you're satisfied with the location, tap Continue
  • Next, choose the type of danger that best matches what you've encountered
  • Lastly, review the information you've provided. If everything looks accurate, simply click Report


imageedit_8_5797793349.gif Your report will now appear on the map as a red triangular warning sign visible to you and other Tractive pet owners in the area. You'll also receive a notification if anyone else in the vicinity reports a hazard. 





How many danger alerts can I report? 

You can report a maximum of 3 per day. Other than that, there's no limit. If you notice anything suspicious, please don't hesitate to report it.


How long will my danger report remain active?

They will remain active for 7 days - after which it will automatically disappear. 


Can I hide danger reports from my map screen?

Yes, simply tap the map settings icon on the right-hand side of the map. Disable Danger Alerts, and you will no longer see them on the map


Can I delete a danger report?

Yes! You can delete a danger report you've created by tapping on it on the map screen and selecting Delete. Note: it's not possible to delete danger reports from other Tractive users.


Can I still report dangers in the Dogoroma app?

Yes, if you’re based in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, you can continue to report poison bait sightings in the Dogorama app, as well as directly in the Tractive app.


Can I deactivate danger report notifications?

Yes, you can easily deactivate these notifications by tapping Account on the bottom bar, followed by Notifications. Now simply disable Dangers. 

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