How to set your location permissions for the Walk feature

In order to use the Walk feature, your location permissions for the Tractive GPS app must be set as follows:

  • Allow Location Access: Always/All the time 
  • Precise Location: enabled


Why do I need to update my permissions? Allowing the app these location permissions ensures that Walks will continue to record even when the app is not actively in use. It also improves the overall accuracy of the tracking.

If your location permissions are not set correctly, you’ll be prompted to update them when you tap the Walk button. If a notification pops up requesting you to change your permission settings, follow the steps below to update them:


  • Tap Walk
  • Tap Open Settings (you'll be directed to your iPhone Settings app)
  • Tap Location at the top
  • Change the permission to Always in the Allow Location Access section
  • Toggle on Precise Location



  • Tap Walk
  • Tap Update Settings (you'll be directed to your app info settings)
  • Tap Permissions
  • Tap Location
  • Change the permission to Allow all the time
  • Toggle on Use precise Location

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