How can I upgrade my Tractive GPS subscription plan?

Are you currently using the Tractive GPS BASIC subscription plan and want to upgrade to enjoy our PREMIUM features?

Then follow the steps below to upgrade your Tractive GPS subscription plan:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Settings, then Trackers & Subscription Plans
  3. Select the desired tracker, then click on Subscription Plan.
  4. Select Upgrade to Premium or More Options > Upgrade to Premium.

In case you're on the monthly plan, you'll first need to change the billing interval to yearly or biennial before you can upgrade to PREMIUM. A monthly PREMIUM subscription plan is not currently available.

Your account will be charged a small amount for the upgrade to PREMIUM for the remaining subscription plan time, and on the next renewal date, you'll be billed for the price of the PREMIUM plan you select. 

Need more information? Click here to view the Tractive GPS BASIC and PREMIUM subscription plan options and pricing.

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