How to get an invoice for your subscription plan

With your Tractive subscription, you get access to both the Tractive GPS app (your tracker companion) and (for managing your account & subscription). This article will guide you to

Follow the steps below to view or download your invoices:

  • Visit and log in to your account
  • Once logged in, scroll down to Billing & Payment
  • You can now access and download invoices for past Tractive GPS subscription plans linked to trackers under your account.




Why don't I see my subscription plan invoice?

Subscription plan invoices are created and added to your account automatically two days after activating or renewing your subscription plan. If you still can’t see your invoice after this time, just make sure you're logged into the right account—the one you use for tracking your pet in the Tractive GPS app. If you're not sure about your account details, just open up the Tractive GPS app, tap on Account, then go to Account Info to find your login details.


How do I receive invoices for purchases from the Tractive online shop?

Invoices for purchases from the Tractive online shop (trackers, accessories) are sent to you via email after you've completed the purchase.


How can I ensure my invoice/billing address is correct?

You can add your invoice/billing address here.


What if I need to modify an invoice?

If you need an invoice modified, please contact us for assistance.

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