What is the difference between default and LIVE Tracking?


The key difference between Default Tracking and LIVE Mode is how often you get location updates.

Default Tracking is active the moment your tracker is switched on, and means you'll get regular location updates. The frequency of these updates depends on how active your furry friend is, and can be as little as once every 60 minutes (for example, if your cat or dog is asleep). On average, you can expect an update around every 10 minutes when your pet is on the move. When in a Power Saving Zone zone, the tracker will not report positions as it is saving battery life. Once your pet leaves the Power Saving Zone, it will begin updating you on your pet’s location again as normal.

LIVE Mode can be turned on from the Map screen. When on, you'll be able to follow your pet’s every step with real-time location updates every 2-3 seconds. To save battery, LIVE Mode will turn off automatically after 5 minutes (you can adjust this duration) of non-use. While using LIVE mode, the LED on the tracker will flash purple, pink, white or blue and your pet’s path will be shown in the app with a blue line.

Below, you can see the differences in the Location History between two trackers used on the same walk. As you can see, the tracker using Default Tracking gives a good overview of the walk, while LIVE Mode is more detailed and shows each turn and deviation more clearly:

LIVE Default
LIVE_EN__1_.jpg Def_EN.jpg



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