What is the difference between default and LIVE Tracking?

The Tractive GPS tracker has two different tracking modes, which can be used at any time:

  • Default Tracking, in which the tracker detects a new position every 2-60 minutes.
  • LIVE Tracking, in which the tracker detects a new position every 2-3 seconds.


Default Tracking Mode

From the moment you turn on your Tractive GPS tracker, it will use default tracking mode.

In default mode, the tracker detects a new position every 2 - 60 minutes, depending on the activity level of your pet. To conserve battery life, updates are sent less frequently when your pet is inactive, and more frequently when your pet is on the go.

If you have a Tractive GPS DOG 4 / LTE, updates are also sent less frequently if you have not set up a virtual fence in order to conserve battery. To receive more frequent updates, simply set up a virtual fence in any location of your choice. You can also set up a Power Saving Zone if you have a Tractive GPS DOG 4 / LTE. If the tracker detects that it is in a Power Saving Zone, you will see 'WiFi' in the top right-hand corner of the app and the GPS tracker will no longer report regular GPS positions. Instead, every few minutes, the tracker will check to make sure it is still within the Power Saving Zone. Once the tracker has left the Power Saving Zone, it will report GPS positions as normal.

When using default tracking mode, you'll see how long ago the tracker reported its last position (unless the tracker is in a Power Saving Zone). If you don't see this, you can activate this option via the Map Settings by clicking on the settings icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the map.

When battery saving mode is enabled, the tracker will detect a new position approximately every 10 minutes.

Despite fewer location updates, your tracker is constantly checking whether the Virtual Fence has been breached. If your pet leaves the Virtual Fence, the app will notify you according to your notification settings.

The image below shows the Tractive GPS app in default tracking mode:




LIVE Tracking Mode

By clicking on the LIVE button in the bottom right-hand corner of the map, LIVE Tracking will be activated. A white or blue light on the GPS tracker will be activated and you will begin to see the real-time location of your pet updated in the app every 2-3 seconds. If the tracker is in a Power Saving Zone, it is only possible to activate LIVE tracking if the tracker is within Bluetooth range of the mobile device you are using and has established a Bluetooth connection with that device.

When using LIVE tracking, you can also see how far away your pet currently is from your mobile device, the current altitude of the tracker and the current speed of the tracker. You can use the Map Settings to select which information you'd like to see on the map while using LIVE tracking. You can also activate the Light and Sound features, as well as Augmented Reality and Find Mode (to activate Find Mode, your tracker needs to be within Bluetooth range of your tracker).

The frequency of location updates in LIVE Tracking is not impacted by the use of the battery save mode.

The image below shows a LIVE Tracking session in the Tractive GPS app. The path of your pet in real time is illustrated by a blue line:


Note: LIVE Tracking is automatically disabled after 5 minutes of use to conserve battery life. To extend the LIVE Tracking timeout beyond 5 minutes, click here.


Is it possible to manually set the location update time?

No, at this time, it is not possible to manually set the tracker to update its position at a specific time interval, besides what is already mentioned above using battery save mode.

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