Can I compare my pet's activity with similar cats or dogs?

Yes! Your furry friend’s Activity Summary will show you how active they are compared to similar dogs or cats, and where their active minutes put them in the past 7 days.

To access the Activity Summary, just tap the Activity tab on the bottom bar followed by the More button next to Active. 



If we have enough data on your pet’s specific breed, you will see a Breed Comparison, which gives you an indication of how active they are compared to the breed average (also taking into account their age and size).

Don’t see a Breed Comparison? This means we haven’t collected enough data for your pet’s breed just yet, so we’ll compare their activity to pets of a similar size, weight and age instead.

Knowing how active your pet is compared to dogs and cats like them can help you adjust their Activity Goal

We’ll also show you a Comparison in Minutes so you can see where their active minutes put them among similar pets.

Note: As each pet is unique, this information will provide you with a general guideline only. When using your Activity Summary, keep factors like your pet's health and lifestyle in mind. 

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